"Out of my twenty years at this Church,
you are the best group I've heard." -Rich B. 
"I cried through the whole
performance!" -Lareina C.
"I saw Christ in your family from the
first word you sang." -Jackie D.
"You all get along so well.
I loved watching your interactions with each other." - Debbie R. 
"Your concert was absolutely incredible!" -Kevin D. 
"Your music is so uplifting! " -Hope S. 
"We loved your message, our church needed to hear it" -Julianne P. 
"Everyone is telling me you are the best group we've ever had
...and we've had some big names." - Bill C.
"You connect with the audience! Many good groups cannot do this,
but you have that special ability!" -Rick W. 
"When I saw your little brother who has Down Syndrome up there,
my heart melted." comment in ID
"There is a place for you in just about any circuit,
any place, anytime." - Mark R.


  "I was blown away by the performance of the Shaw Family Band and was moved to tears when those sweet children walked into the crowd and begin to minister to the older folks. God has blessed you all with your talents and you are going to be used greatly by him. The Chordsmen appreciate you so much."                     

-Wilbur Daniels, The Chordsmen


"THANKS SO MUCH for blessing our Republican Dinner the other night – here are the words read last night for your intro, in case it can bless you in some way!! Thank for living for Jesus and for His glory……He is glorified in your family!!! The Shaw family embodies what’s good about America and what we as Republicans will keep fighting for: protecting families, parental rights, marriage between one man and one woman, the right to home school and freedom of religion."

-Jannai Pero

"I just wanted to drop you a note and say, "Thank You" for your ministry at Valley Shepherd this last weekend. I have heard so many positive comments about your musicianship and your heart for leading worship. God is using you to bring encouragement to His people through music. Praise the Lord!"

          - Pastor Tim, Meridian, ID


“The Shaw Family Band is a delight to know and their music is a delight to hear! I have watched them grow musically ( and numerically! ) in recent years and have marveled at how God has blessed them to sharpen the gifts He has given them. What a rare and precious experience it is to hear their instruments & voices unite, knowing that their hearts are united in true praise to their Creator!”

-Judy Rogers, Singer/Songwriter


“I have had several opportunities to enjoy the Shaw Family Band in concert. I have never been disappointed. I see a desire in their performance to give the very best not only to the One they sing about but to the southern gospel audience as well. The ‘present’ offering of the Shaw Family is a joy to see and hear and the ‘future’ is bright! Reward yourself and make the effort to hear and support this wonderful family.” 

-Randy Wold, President, Western States Gospel Music Association


"Having had the pleasure of directing and working with the Shaw family, I can say without reservation, that their toe-tapping and exuberant spirit on stage is a direct reflection of the genuine joy and love they have for the Lord. Spend a minute talking with them or an hour enjoying their concert and you will know exactly what I mean. You can’t help but have a smile on your face and be encouraged when you spend any time with them."

- Gary Kliewer, Associate Director of Worship at Riverpark Bible Church


"The quality of their music is excellent and their heart for the Lord is obvious. It’s just one of the most refreshing things a church or group can experience. If you have opportunity to have them sing – do everything you can to make it happen."

- Senior Pastor George Posthumus, Riverpark Bible Church


"Their grace and love for music and the Word of God is an incredible inspiration and always moves me to tears as I watch and listen to them perform."

- Rick Slayton, businessman/musician


"With a refreshing blend of youthful energy and stylistic versatility, the Shaw Family Band mixes vocal harmonies and creative arrangements with first-rate musicianship, whether presenting classic favorites or contemporary standards, and with an originality that's sure to excite audiences of all ages and musical tastes."

- Mark Oller, the Chordsmen


"The Shaw Family Band WILL amaze a crowd of all ages and will keep everyone entertained during their full performance!!! You won't be disappointed and you'll be back for more!!! I WILL recommend this family to ANYONE and EVERYONE!!!

- Nick Jones - Recreation Services Director at Golden Living Center


"Our church has had the privilege of hosting the Shaw Family Band on numerous occasions. Each time they have come to sing and lead worship it has been a great blessing to First Baptist Church. Every time they perform I do not want the music to end. We enjoy seeing their children from the youngest to the oldest use their gifts to bless the church and sing forth the praise of the Risen Christ."

- Greg Kilgore, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Oakhurst