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The Shaw Family Band, "Musicianaries."  

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Family Music ! 


S.H.A.W. = Singing Honor and Worship


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"Everyone is telling me you are the best group we've ever had...and we've had some big names." - Pastor Bill, NV 

"Out of my twenty years at this Church, you are the best group I've heard." -Rich B., OR
"Your music makes me feel so happy!" Kim, CA
"You made an impact here; many were crying."  WY
"Your concert was absolutely incredible!" -Kevin D., ID
"You connect with the audience! Many good groups can't do this, you are special!" -Rick W., ID


 "Having had the pleasure of directing and working with the Shaw family, I can say without reservation, that their toe-tapping and exuberant spirit on stage is a direct reflection of the genuine joy and love they have for the Lord.  Spend a minute talking with them or an hour enjoying their concert and you will know exactly what I mean. You can’t help but have a smile on your face and be encouraged when you spend any time with them." 

- Gary Kliewer, Associate Director of Worship at Riverpark Bible Church, Fresno, CA

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